When do you know it’s Time for Abdominoplasty?

Many people have a problem with weight, and they always keep diets and make regular exercise. They go see different doctors and different nutritionists, meet regularly at the gym abdominoplasty-tummy-tuck-reviews-brisbane-surgeonwith a personal trainer and they do anything in their power to lose weight. It’s not a process that will only make you slimmer and more beautiful, but it’s also a process that will help you be healthy and fit.

However, when you start this, the result is not always guaranteed. This is because every organism is different and every person reacts differently to diets and exercises. If you want to have a permanent result, the abdominoplasty is what you should look for.

You Can’t Lose Any More Weight

After a certain time, the body stops the process of losing weight. It’s natural and normal, and you shouldn’t feel too concerned. If this happens, the abdominoplasty is what  you need. There are different types of abdominoplasty – from a simple one, where the belly fat is extracted, to a more complex surgery, when the upper and lower parts of the body are involved. You will have to ask your doctor about what exactly you need, because each case is different from patient to patient.

You Have a Medical Problem

full-abdominoplastyAbdominoplasty is also a surgery that will help you in case you have a medical problem. For example, for those people who suffer from obesity, this is a medical procedure that will help them reduce the level of body fat, and, after this, they will be able to lead a normal life. Too much weight can be dangerous, and it can also lead to other severe medical problems. Don’t wait too much if you are in a similar case and you believe your health can be in danger.

You Have Given Birth

This is a medical procedure that is also recommended for those women who have given birth and their body won’t get back to its regular shape. It’s nothing to be ashamed about, because giving birth is a natural process, and with this cosmetic surgery, you will feel beautiful again – your tummy will be slim and firm again, and your abdomen muscles will be hard, exactly as they were before the pregnancy.

You Have Sagging Tissue

This is the case for those people who have gone through a serious process of losing weight. It’s not uncommon to hear about it, but after you lose 50 kilos, you might end up with some sagging skin and tissue around your belly. This is called an “apron” by doctors, and the abdominoplasty will help you get rid of all of that sagging skin after the major weight loss.

It’s Your Decision

thumbs_2903-mini_tummy_tuck_shutterstock3029391.png.326x225_q90_crop_sharpen_upscaleYou know you are a good candidate for this surgery when this is your own decision. Nobody else can tell you what to do with your body. The doctors will advise you, and they will put some pressure on you only if your health and life are threatened by the weight that you have. This is very rare, but it can happen, so if this is the case, you really need to be cooperative. For all those other problems, no matter if the reason behind the decision is medical or aesthetical, make sure you are the one who makes the call, and not somebody else.

This is extremely important, not only because it is an invasive procedure, but also because having this surgery will give you an instant result. Once this happens, you need to be very careful with your diet and your exercise plan, so that in the future you won’t ask for another surgery like this one.

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Reconstructing And Enhancing Your Body

Plastic Surgeon Work PhotoLooking good and attractive is very important to most people, whether they are women or men. Your facial and body shape are a major aspect of your appearance, and it is understandable if you are unhappy about a certain part of your body. Due to the work and endless research by plastic surgeons, you can be now get the face and body you have always wanted in the safest way possible.


A plastic surgeon is a physician specializing in surgery to reshape your body tissues in order to restore the normal form of the tissues as well as their function. Surgeons that are fully qualified to carry out plastic surgery are referred to as Specialist Plastic Surgeons. Dr Kourosh Tavakoli is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery of the body, face and breasts. He holds a Master of Surgery degree in plastic surgery and studied sixteen years to become a plastic surgeon.

Work of a plastic surgeon

The work of a plastic surgeon is to perform surgery on abnormal parts of the body so that the functions of these structures can be improved. The surgeries also aim to make the appearance of these structures as normal as possible.

Plastic Surgeon Actual Surgery

Types of plastic surgery

A plastic surgeon can perform two types of plastic surgery. Reconstructive plastic surgery is done to repair or to reconstruct skin and tissue that is damaged or altogether missing. The damaged or missing tissues could be the result of a birth defect, a previous surgery, an injury or an illness. On the other hand, cosmetic plastic surgery is done to change the appearance of a healthy person to give them the look they prefer.


Reconstructive procedures may be covered by insurance companies if your plastic surgeon recommends you have the procedure, but only if it has a Medicare item number. However, there are policies that omit any type of plastic surgery procedure. You therefore need to get the correct information about your health insurance cover before committing to any procedure.


There are various techniques that a plastic surgeon can use to perform a surgery. One of the techniques used is known as skin grafting. In this procedure, healthy skin is removed from a part of the body that is healthy and is used to cover a part of the body whose skin is damaged or missing. Skin grafts are mostly used in an area of the body where the wound is large or where skin has been removed surgically from a part of the body due to disease. Skin grafts are also used to treat burns and in cases where bone fractures have cut the skin open.


Tissue expansion technique involves stretching the skin in the affected area, which causes the body to produce additional skin. The new skin is then used to recreate the affected area. The flap technique involves removing a piece of living tissue together with the vessels of blood that keep it alive from a healthy part of the body and moving it to the affected part. Flap surgery is used for cleft lip surgeries, open fractures, breast reconstruction and large wounds.